Apple Unveils New iPhone 6S, Apple TV, iPad Pro… So Why Aren’t We Excited?


We have come to expect jaw-dropping innovation and game-changing creativity in the Apple ecosystem, with a standard set long ago by the late, great Steve Jobs. But aside from a few shining points in today’s launch event, the “wow” was at a disappointing minimum. Sure, they announced a Hermes line of high-end Apple Watch options,… [Read More]

Google, Microsoft, Netflix & More Join Forces For New Video Format


It’s an alliance forged in the hellfire of competitive tech giants, with revolutionary implications: Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix have announced a new partnership, specifically to reform our video experience online. Together, they form the Alliance for Open Media, with the sole aim of creating a new, royalty-free open source video format…. [Read More]

Facebook’s M Is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Inside Messenger with Real-World Abilities

Facebook's M Is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Inside Messenger with Real-World Abilities

Facebook’s ambition to convert its Messenger app into a fully independent platform has been an open secret for some time. Quite how the social giant planned to turn instant messaging into something more than a basic communication was unclear. Now, all is revealed: M is an artificially intelligent chatbot, backed by a small army of… [Read More]

LucasFilm Is Making Virtual Reality Movies You Can Explore

LucasFilm Is Making Virtual Reality Movies That You Can Explore

Star Wars is a franchise that sells itself to cinema-goers. LucasFilm, the production company behind the modern movies in the series, could just continue to churn out titles with a similar flavor, and the fans would come. But that is not this studio’s style. Within its technology division, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), there is… [Read More]