Gogoro Is Personal Electric City Transport of the Near-Future


I like Tesla. It is gradually making electricity usable as the fuel for transportation. There have always been good reasons to swap to electrically powered vehicles, of course — cleaner air and instant acceleration being two prime examples — but it is only a visionary company that has started to overcome the major inconveniences. Another,… [Read More]

Windows 10 Is Bringing Cortana, Xbox and Universal Apps to PCs

Windows 10

In recent years, Microsoft has tried very hard to impress, but failed to make any breakthroughs. You wouldn’t know it watching the company’s PowerPoint presentation on Wednesday. It was a set-piece event that showed off some remarkable new features that users can look forward to with Windows 10 — a new, free, cross-platform version of… [Read More]

Pixsy Lets You Track Down Pesky Photo Thieves (Invites)


Most photographers enjoy sharing their photos and letting others in on the joy of image-making. Sometimes, that even comes with social or financial rewards. But considering how much time, effort and love goes into the taking of each photo, the last thing you want is anyone trying to pass them off as their own. Sadly,… [Read More]