What’s Cooler than a Lightsaber? A 3D-printed Lightsaber, Of Course


Seen the new Star Wars trailer? It is tantalizingly brilliant. Sadly, there is still another year to wait before The Force Awakens finally makes it into cinemas. In the meantime, the 86-second teaser offers up one important detail: a glimpse of the new crossguard lightsaber. Almost inevitably, someone has created a 3D design for the… [Read More]

Airbus’s Five-Plane Photoshoot Was Worth the $75k Bill


If you’re going to build a plane that’s worth $300 million, it’s probably worth getting a decent shot of it. That’s the outlook Airbus clearly took when organizing a photoshoot of the brand new A350–900s. By PetaPixel’s calculations, the entire exercise must have cost around $75,000 and a whole lot of tension. But just look… [Read More]