A Guide to Digital Development

In the field of digital construction, designers tend to grab much of the attention. After all, it is their work that is seen by the user. But without the underlying development of a website or app, an interface is nothing more than a work of art. If the functional side of the app economy appeals,… Read More

5 Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Setup

WordPress is a CMS that provides remarkable flexibility and enough under-the-hood power to run a top-100 blog. No wonder it is the world’s favorite way to manage content. But there is one thing WordPress struggles with: bloat. There’s no need to abandon all of the good qualities of this CMS, though — you just need… Read More

8 Tips and Tricks for your Mac

We all love shortcuts and little tips. So, we have done some searching and compiled a list of 8 tips and tricks to help you in your everyday work with your Mac. Honestly, I use #1 every day. #1. Take a trimmed screenshot Tired of taking screenshots that capture much more of your screen than… Read More