Become a Game Designer for Less Than the Cost of a Game

Every gamer occasionally experiences a play drought; that feeling you get when you’ve bought and beaten every game on your must-play list, and you just can’t seem to get excited by the new crop of uninspired, cookie-cutter titles being churned out by major studios. If you’re deep in one of these droughts, it might be time to try building some games of your own. As the saying (sort of) goes, “Be the game you want to see in the world.”

How to Become a Game Designer

When considering all the skills needed to create games—from development to art to animation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But this career path is more accessible than you may think. And you won’t need to take out any student loans or spend time in a classroom to get started. All you’ll need to get your game building career in gear is a determined attitude and a membership to the School of Game Design, an online program for developers of all skill levels. You can get lifetime access to its amazing courses right now for just $59—a fraction of the normal $5,999 fee.

With the School of Game Design’s massive library of training videos, you can set your own pace, working your way through 120 hours of content from the comfort of your couch. Each course is led by expert instructors and seasoned industry professionals who use their decades of experience to communicate complicated concepts with crystal clarity. You’ll start with the absolute basics of coding, progress to computer modeling and animation techniques, and even explore the ins and outs of popular development platforms like Unity3D. Need a leg up in the art department? Feel free to raid the included library of royalty-free game art and textures, offering thousands of dollars of creative assets, so you can put the finishing touches on that robotic spider or menacing orc.

Get Started

Once you’ve leveled up your game dev skills, the School of Game Design will ready you for the gaming industry’s equivalent to a final: publishing your game and earning a profit. Want to get a job at a AAA studio and change the industry from the inside? This course will also provide you with plenty of portfolio content so you can catch studio recruiters’ eyes with ease.

Don’t miss your chance to build the game of your dreams. Enroll in the School of Game Design now while this 99% price drop is still in effect.