These best-selling shower speakers are 80% off

Do you like singing in the shower? If you adore this universally beloved pastime, don’t settle for hitting those high notes acapella. Bring the musical accompaniment with you via the XXL Shower Speaker. It’ll liven up your bathroom for the tune of just $19.99—that’s 80% off the regular price of $99.99 for a limited time only.

The XXL Shower Speaker attaches directly to your shower wall with a powerful suction cup. You can skip songs, adjust the volume, and even answer phone calls—all without stepping foot outside the water. Plus, this impressive speaker is twice as large as a typical shower speaker, allowing it to sport an enlarged battery that lasts for an entire month on a single charge. The audio quality packs a punch, too, pumping out 3 watts of crystal-clear sound.

Best of all, the speaker is completely wireless and connects directly to your devices via Bluetooth, so your precious electronics stay safely dry away from all bathing activities. So go ahead and sing along to your favorite tunes, listen to a thought-provoking podcast, or even catch up on some phone calls. You can get all that done and more with the XXL Shower Speaker. For a limited time, it’s yours for the discounted price of $19.99.

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