Celebrate The 4th With These Helpful Apps

As we celebrate America’s upcoming birthday, we got to thinking about how technology could help improve our 4th of July celebrations and put together a small list of a few apps that could really help kick your Independence Day into high gear. From grilling to photography, we’ve got a few winners here.

Weber Grills App (Android & iOS)

This neat app by the grill experts at Weber helps you with all your summer grilling needs. It can give you awesome recipes for grilling anything and everything you could imagine, grill guides for different types of mean, a handy in-app timer and more. Download and never overcook your steak again!

Fireworks App (Android & iOS)

Do you hate the loud booming of fireworks but love how they light up the sky? Check out an app that can turn your smartphone into your own private fireworks show! It may not be the same as seeing them live, but at least you’ll get the spirit.

BuzzFeed Video App (Android & iOS)

You’ve seen all those Tasty videos circulating on your newsfeed? Check them ALL out on this amazing Buzzfeed app! If you’re throwing a July 4th party, attending a potluck, or just want to make some snacks to enjoy during the fireworks show, download this app for awesome video recipes that are already making our mouths water.

Slow Shutter Camera App (Android & iOS, $1.99)

Have you tried taking a photo of fireworks in years past and been disappointed? Downloading a slow shutter app on your phone could be the key to an awesome July 5th Instagram pic! The slow shutter will help capture the beauty and awe of those glittery fireworks. Make sure you test it out and play with it before the fireworks show to ensure you snap a keeper.

Declaration of Independence App (Android & iOS)

Want some light historical reading for the big day? Read up on the Declaration of Independence with these great interactive apps. Read what our forefathers wrote in 1776 and remember the historical facts that formed the backbone of what we celebrate now.