Comparison: iPhone Users vs. Android Users

This Business Insider graphic, built from comScore data, shows in pretty explicit terms some key demographic difference between iPhone users and Android users. While median age is the same for each platform, the median income for iPhone users is about 39% higher than that of Android users. Apparently, the iPhone is the choice for high-rollers.

As BI is quick to point out, the price point of the devices makes this stat pretty obvious. Apple isn’t in the low-end smartphone market at all, with even the “budget” iPhone 5C considered to be a mid-tier device. On the other end, roughly 60% of Android devices are considered to be low-end smartphones. While this is not a discussion of the quality of each platform or device, this does speak to the market position of each: iPhone is marketed as a “premium” product, while the Android market, with its 100s of devices, is more widely used and more within reach for a greater number of consumers.

What are your thoughts? Is this accurate, or is it missing a bigger picture?

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  1. remi
    September 2, 2014

    clearly this is a skewed way to look at demographic data per platform. all my computers at home are macs, and I outfit my entire family with iPhones, but I currently use a OnePlus One android phone. For me the screen size is easier on my eyes, and it gives me more freedom and integrates with my Google service better than my iPhone did. so for me it’s not about status, it’s about form and function.

    • Kirill Kiryushin
      September 3, 2014

      Remi, most probably you are out of the main stream. Statistics shows main stream not cases. Of course if Apple starts selling smth like mini iPhone twice less the price than original iPhone then their statistics will come closer to Android users profile. So, there is no surprise. The above stats is just another proof of Apple and Android audiences’ major differences.

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