Funny iPhone Apps: Seemingly ridiculous Apps that are surprisingly useful

This isn’t your typical list of absurd or funny iPhone apps. Life presents some trivial obstacles from time to time and we need solutions. Some innovative app developers experienced these issues, and provided just that. If you can look past the ridiculousness of these concepts, you will actually find some somewhat handy tools to stash away on your iPhone. Let’s hop to it!

Don’t let your movie experience go down the toilet. RunPee tells you the less entertaining points in the show so you can perform your bathroom duties free of stress. The app also fills you in on what occurred in your absence so you don’t have to miss a beat. It costs a buck, but the peace of mind is priceless!

Coin Flip
What to do about a tedious matter that needs resolving? Flip a coin of course! No pennies? No problem! This simplistic app allows you to tap a virtual coin sending it into a spin with the same 50/50 odds of heads or tails you would achieve flipping a real coin. Solve problems and amuse your buddies, all in one FREE app.

Designated Dialer
A must have for a majority of college students, this app allows you to designate certain contacts prior to a night of indulging to ensure you won’t fall victim to drunk dialing. If by chance you do try to make a surely regretful phone call, your attempt will be rerouted to a toll-free help line to steer you back on course to a fun-filled night without any regrets. Cheers!

Holy crap! I dreamt up a yelp-esque public restroom app years ago. This restroom locating and rating app doesn’t include all the bells and whistles a bathroom enthusiast desires, but it definitely gets the job done. As the saying goes, everybody poops; be prepared.

Email n’ Walk
Ever run into a pole because you were nose deep in your phone? We got you covered! This little app uses your iPhone’s camera for a “transparent” background when drafting up emails. It sounds like a joke, but the next time you step on a fresh piece of dog scat while on your phone, you’ll regret not having it.

That about wraps it up for funny iPhone apps that are surprisingly useful. Most of these are completely free or at most $1. If you don’t find them handy, you’ve at least got a decent conversations starter and your next social get together.


Allan Blocker



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