The Internet Is Buzzing About These Innovative Earbuds

For decades, mothers everywhere have nagged their kids about loud music and specifically headphones permanently damaging their hearing. And while everyone hates to admit the awful truth, the reality is that mom was right. Even the Journal of the American Medical Association agrees that using headphones and earbuds has led to a significant spike in case of hearing loss in adolescents and young adults.

Even though earbuds keep getting smaller, they’re still pumping audio directly into your delicate eardrums. Bone conduction bypasses hearing loss concerns without ever severing the listener’s contact with the world around them. It’s incredible stuff — and you can check out a pair of true wireless bone conduction earphones for yourself at just $39.99, 20 percent off their regular price, on StackSocial.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, bone conduction earphones feed audio vibrations directly through your skull into your inner ear to be interpreted by your brain. The process entirely bypasses the outer ear, meaning you don’t need to stick earbuds into your ears to get the premium sound you expect.

These earphones hook just above your ear like a Bluetooth headset, delivering premium sound to you without obstructing sounds from the outside world. This makes them especially handy for workout enthusiasts, who will be able to catch car horns or other sounds to stay safe while hitting the pavement.

In addition to stellar crystal clear audio performance, these earphones can also receive calls via the home button, which also serves to pause or repeat your music.

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True Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones – $39.99

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