Introducing Skillwise — A New Way to Design Your Future

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online learning marketplace, Skillwise! With over 300,000 students already enrolled in online courses and more than a million courses completed to-date, the Stack community has always been passionate about learning. We’ve seen our students completely change careers, follow their passions, and even start businesses while traveling the world. Your enthusiasm for learning is contagious and led us to create our new robust education experience, complete with more courses, more instructors, and of course, more amazing deals.

In addition to courses on coding, design, IT, finance, and marketing, our team has been busy curating some truly unique courses that you won’t find anywhere else. Look out for courses on travel hacks, investing, languages, copywriting, productivity, and even poker. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to find the best instructor out there.

Given all the new, diverse course options, we want to ensure you’ll always find the course you’re looking for instantly. We’ve improved the categorization by adding sub-categories and built a more powerful search engine in order to deliver truly flawless site navigation. For those of you who aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve even curated collections to guide you toward your goals.

The new features don’t stop there. Our freshly designed course pages are complete with detailed course outlines so you can review each lecture before purchasing. Our new pages also highlight the information that’s most important to you, so you won’t waste a second searching for a detail.

Redeeming and watching your courses will also be easier than ever. All courses will be available on the StackSkills Redemption Hub, including courses you’ve previously redeemed on StackSkills. Going forward, you will not be directed to a partner or instructor site—you’ll find all your purchased courses right there! There will be no complex redemption processes or codes involved. Just enter your email and let the learning begin.

We set off on this venture to make learning accessible and affordable for everyone. If you want to change your career path or pursue a new hobby, we want to make that possible. Stack has always been about making the lives of our 3 million members better, more productive, and more awesome. We believe there is no better way to further our vision than through making education available around the world.

As a valued member of the StackSocial community, we’d like to give you 20% off your first course. Just enter promo code SKILLWISE at checkout. Then find us on Twitter or Facebook to share your thoughts!

Looking Forward to Learning Together

The Stack Team


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