In My Laptop Bag: Devin Guinn

When it comes to the newest trends and coolest gadgets, Devin is our resident expert. Not only does he source some of Stack’s coolest products, his personal aesthetic is an inspiration to us all. “I take bits and pieces from tech, design, and culture tastemakers. But in the end, my style is my own,” he explained as we walked across the warm Venice Beach sand. If you love geek, pop, comic, and tech culture—read on to see Devin’s top 5 favorite items of the moment.

Polaroid Camera:


Like many of us at the Stack headquarters, Devin has a thing for retro tech gadgets. Nothing is more iconic than the Polaroid camera, which is why Devin sourced (& purchased) this epic reboot of the photography classic. Snap instant photos just like the old days, but enjoy some key modern upgrades too.

Devin couldn’t talk photography without plugging his favorite product he’s sourced for Stack—The Lytro Camera. Why? “It’s a truly innovative product that cannot be copied—no matter how many people try,” he bragged.

Apple Watch Battery Pack:


Devin was one of the first to have an Apple Watch in the office, and is always on top of the newest accessories and apps. “It’s Gen 1, so imagine what’s ahead,” he noted. His current favorites? This sleek portable battery pack that charges and docks your watch, anywhere. And the Slack app—so he never misses a chat on-the-go.

Bob’s Burgers Recipe Book:


A self-proclaimed TV junkie, Devin dabbles in Bob’s Burgers and Archer post work hours. His newest coffee table book reveals the recipes behind the specialty burgers from the cult classic show.

Drunk Hunt Flask


There’s a lot of awesome flasks, mixology, and alcohol-related gear out there (just checkout Devin’s Pinterest board)—but few as cool as this. This Portland-based company turned retro gaming cartridges into usable flasks—stealing the hearts of nostalgic gamers everywhere. When it’s not in use, this throwback cartridge sits on display in Devin’s beach apartment.

90’s See Through Phone


Every 80’s kid, 90’s kid, and Blossom fan remembers the see through phone. Now you can bring back an old classic with this reboot—and plug it right into your smartphone headphone jack. Talk it up like it’s 1999.