In My Laptop Bag: Pam Velazquez

If you don’t know her from Facebook Live or the Stack Twitter account—allow us to introduce you to Pam! When she’s not managing Stack’s social channels, she’s nerding out over the latest tech, catching Pokémon, and snagging the coolest new gadgets. Today, we’re checking out some her favorite things…



Anti-Gravity iPhone Case

Pam prefers to keep her iPhone case thin and lightweight so she can easily slip it in her pocket, but that usually means sacrificing extra features. That’s why she was quick to pick up an Anti-Gravity Case as soon as the discount went up on Stack. It’s super lightweight and minimalist on the outside, but also sticks to surfaces for hands-free use in any situation—whether she’s reading a recipe while cooking or taking a selfie with her dog, Pinto.





Speaking of selfies—Pam loves this tiny camera for selfies, videos, and beyond. It’s waterproof and weatherproof, so she can record in any and all situations. Pam’s Yocam also doubles as her security cam/doggie cam when she’s tweeting away at work for the day.




LuminAID Solar Light

An avid camper, Pam has always been fascinated with the tech influence on the world of outdoor gear. The LuminAID is one her favorite examples. Leave this foldable, inflatable bag out in the sun all day, and it’ll turn into a lantern post-sunset. It’s ultra lightweight, so you add minimal weight to your pack, and get maximum light when you need it. 





BOOMB(())X is one of Pam’s all-time best finds. Why? It turns anything into a speaker. Just plug it into your phone and place it on the surface of your choice to hack together some truly powerful sound. Her personal favorite way to get the BOOMB(())X going is with a giant cardboard box.



The Coin Card

The Coin Card is both Pam’s lifeline and top efficiency hack. She loads everything from her grocery store member card to her debit card onto this slick device, and leaves the rest of her wallet behind. Plus, its close resemblance to the American Express Black Card occasionally results in special treatment.