Rego (iOS) is a Personal Foursqaure for Bookmarking Places

The basic principle of a location-sharing network is a good one — it’s nice to have a track record of the places you’ve visited. But personally, the idea of publishing my exact movements for the world to see has never appealed. The solution seems to arrive in the form of a newly refurbished app named Rego ($4.99). It provides a personal library for “bookmarking” locations, complete with text notes and photos. Not an idea that would ever have occurred to me, but having tried it, I think it is genius. As you may have guessed, I’m no Foursquare multi-mayor. But I’ve used the apps enough to make comparisons, and Rego provides a similarly straightforward experience. There are several ways of entering a location — using your current position, an address, a Foursquare entry, or even the GPS data from a photo, and more — but the saving process is simply a matter of choosing a name and picking a color for the pin marking the spot. Optionally, you can also add a photo, mark the location as Starred, and add it to a Collection. The last of these options is new in version 2.0, and it allows for related places to be grouped together (e.g. restaurants, landmarks, etc.). Rego_Collage2

Once a place is bookmarked, you can add more photos (known as Moments) and input a text note. However, you can share a link to the saved location from here, as well — an option that ties in with Rego’s very pretty web presence. Anyone visiting that link won’t be able to see your photos or text, but they will see the pin on the map, along with any Foursquare information that’s available. Similarly, Collections can be shared, with all the entries scooped up into one Rego web page, or exported as a Rego, KML, or GPX file. But as I said, this isn’t primarily an app for showing off your travels. All of the above can be achieved without a Rego account, and the app itself is clearly set up as a personal library. You can search by proximity, time of last registered visit, and by name, and places can be sorted and searched by Collection. Should you come across somewhere you fancy revisiting, each place comes with a direct link to navigation in your preferred mapping app. Add to all of that the newly beautified interface, the in-built Dropbox backup and a reasonable price, and I have to say this is one impressive location-logging app. So good, in fact, that even I might use it. Rego is available in the App Store for $4.99 (launch price, normally $7.99). Extra Time I couldn’t let this week slip by without mentioning a new game called Iconic. Basically, it is a form of pictogram puzzle. It displays icons, and you have to guess what word or phrase they represent. But as you progress, it starts to tease, and thus it becomes genuine lunchbreak-filling fun. Plus, the graphics are gorgeous — the icons are hand drawn, and the rest of the interface is colorfully “flat”. Shame it’s freemium, but at least it’s free to try. Iconic is out now on iOS and Android.

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