I tried this sleep app for the first time, and I’ve never slept better

Sleep deprivation is real. Whether you just can’t seem to fall asleep or just can’t seem to stay asleep, we certainly aren’t alone. In fact, Consumer Reports notes that 68% of people say they struggle with sleep at least one night per week. And I say, just one night a week would be a dream. So apart from popping sleeping pills, how can we attack sleep deprivation head on? Enter: Pzizz.

Pzizz isn’t new to the sleep tech world, in fact, it’s original iteration was famously used by Steve Jobs in the ’90s. But time has done the product a lot of good (namely transitioning from a physical device to an app) and continues to have some solid star power behind it, with celebs like JK Rowling and NBA start Roy Hibbert singing its praises. But it’s the product that really speaks for itself. I first heard about it from a friend who woke me up at 6 am to this:

“This pzizz app is MAGIC. Fell asleep in 2 min. Woke me up super slowly. It felt good and I didn’t need to race to turn my phone off. I’m shocked.”

How Pzizz Fights Sleep Deprivation

With that, I was sold on at least trying the app out. What is it exactly? Pzizz is a hybrid music system that uses human-composed, algorithmically remixed sounds that are optimized to help you sleep. There are over 100 billion auditory experiences in Pzizz so you can optimize the experience to work best for you, and you alone.

I’ve tried white noise before, but this is totally different. The combination of voiceover (based on clinical sleep hypnosis), music, and sound effects truly works magic: gently lulling you to sleep and waking you up gradually rather than with an alarm.

Here’s how to it works: 

  1. Purchase this lifetime subscription for $49.99 (it’s normally priced at $600, so you won’t want to miss that)
  2. You’ll create an account and then be instructed to download the app
  3. Choose between three large options: SLEEP, NAP, FOCUS
  4. If you choose SLEEP, you’ll need to enter a wake-up time
  5. The auditory experience begins with options to turn down or up the voice or music — or even switch from male to female
  6. A gradual wake up sound experience begins before your specified time — and you feel refreshed/amazing

The voiceover, which changes each time you use it, is based on the concepts of sleep hypnosis — yes, actual science. And as mentioned, you can also use the app to focus at work or get a quick nap in. I tried out the Focus mode while writing this post, and it seems to be working pretty well!

Final Thoughts & Discount

After only a few uses, I’m totally addicted to Pzizz and am quickly converting everyone I know. If you have issues with sleep, you absolutely need to give it a try. It’s a whole lot cheaper than investing in a new mattress, sleeping pills, and an expensive white noise machine, and it’s way more effective in fighting sleep deprivation. Usually $600 for a lifetime subscription, this limited-time deal is offering a 91% discount, bringing the price to just $49.99. Don’t take my word for it, claim your subscription by clicking HERE.