The solar-powered, Kickstarter-funded backpack that’s all over the internet

The life of a freelancer can be unpredictable, but at some point everyone should try breaking away from the traditional 9-5 life and going remote. After all, why chain yourself to the same desk, day after day, when you can make the entire world your office? Imagine it—you’re sitting in a beautiful outdoor cafe in northern Italy, sipping espresso while working on your next thinkpiece. Or reclining on the beach in Antigua, soaking up the sun while putting the finishing touches on your new app. All you need is a passport and a project to work on. Well, that and a solid WiFi connection, a laptop, your phone, your phone charger, your laptop charger, an outlet for charging, probably a notebook, some pens, your headphones, and…wait…this list is actually getting kind of long. And carrying all that expensive gear seems like it might make you a target for theft. And do they even have power outlets on this beach? Okay, let’s backtrack a bit. Maybe working remotely isn’t the glamorous, devil-may-care lifestyle the blogs claim it is. But it can come pretty close if you bring a Lifepack. It’s an ultra-tough, highly secure backpack that’s expressly designed to keep roaming professionals productive, prepared, and plugged in.

The initial idea for Lifepack was born out of an unfortunate incident that befell its creator, Adrian Solgaard. During an important meeting, he reached into his backpack to retrieve his laptop, and instead pulled out a pair of sweaty gym socks by mistake. Perhaps the indignity of seeing his unwashed undergarments flopping onto a board room table made him consider the strange duality of work life and real life that we all must reckon with. Or maybe he just realized that there was a better way to design a backpack. Either way, the Lifepack was conceived soon after, and taken to Kickstarter for funding. Implementing the ideas from a previous Kickstarter success—the Interlock bike lock—as well as personal experience as a globetrotting designer, Solgaard presented Lifepack as the perfect pickpocket-proof pack for working and living on the road. Crowdfunding was a huge success, with $1.2 million raised from IndieGogo and over $600K from Kickstarter.

There are a ton of killer features packed into the Lifepack, but the most remarkable is the Solarbank. This solar-powered battery pack is built into the rear of the bag, allowing it to pick up a charge as long as you’ve got the sun on your back. When full, it can revive the average iPhone up to 6 times. You can remove it from the pack for portability, as well as party-bility, because it’s also a powerful Bluetooth speaker.

Next, there’s the integrated, retractible, stainless steel combo lock. Pull it to full length and you can wrap it around a table leg, or simply use it to secure the bag’s zippers. It even doubles as a bottle opener, for when you inevitably grab that post-project beer. Adding to the bag’s security is its sturdy construction and materials, which make it no easy mark for vandals. Four hidden pockets also help to obscure your most sensitive accessories from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

Inside, Lifepack is organized just like your real life. There’s the “workzone,” with its secure storage for your laptop, phone, chargers, notebooks, and various other professional peripherals; and there’s the “lifezone,” made for porting clothing, toiletries, grooming items and anything else you need to stay stylish. The contents of both compartments will be well protected, too—thanks to Lifepack’s weather-resistant, shock-resistant construction.

Lifepack doesn’t just carry your stuff. It helps you navigate the ever-perilous work/life balancing act wherever you go. And the good news is you won’t have to get a second job to afford it. Buy it here during our limited-time deal and you can get it for $149—44% off the usual price.