Solve Any Household Problem With This Incredible Camera

When you think of endoscopic cameras, your mind probably goes to surgery or spy movies. However, that same technology is incredibly useful around the house, too, allowing you to diagnose plumbing or electrical problems at the source. And right now, that technology is available to you with the 1080p HD Waterproof Wi-Fi Wireless Endoscopic Camera, now reduced 60% from the $100 list price to just $39.99. (Or you can get the 720p version for a phenomenal $29.99, formally $49.99.)

You can use the camera wirelessly to get a live view of hard-to-reach engine problems, clogged drains, or electrical wiring issues inside your walls. It comes with 1080p HD-resolution and a waterproof 8-way adjustable LED light capable of slipping in and lighting up small holes, cracks, or tight, dark spaces where you or your eyes can’t normally go or see. The camera’s feed streams right back to whatever device—desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone—you’ve connected to via Wi-Fi.

These cameras are usually used by doctors and surgeons to address incredibly complex problems, but you can get a much more affordable one for your needs at a steal of a price. If you figure you’re a handy person, you can save yourself thousands on plumbers and other tradesmen by using this camera to address problems at the source. Right now, you can get an incredible deal when you pick it up for just $39.99, 60% off retail.