Learn to run successful online marketing campaigns for $19

Marketing a new business or product was tough enough back in the old days — say, anytime before the last decade or so. Now, savvy sellers have to embrace digital marketing. And if you aren’t prepared for the realities of 21st-century promotion, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course breaks down all the varied avenues that today’s top marketers use to find and cultivate business. It’s on sale right now for just $19, a 90 percent savings, and provides lifetime access to the coursework so you can continue to expand your knowledge down the line. Presented by Google Certified Marketer Daragh Walsh, this training, featuring nearly 170 lectures and more than 19 hours of instruction, outlines everything you need to know to acquire and retain users and grow a customer base digitally.

First, Walsh lays out the fundamentals, including the five best digital marketing tools, the eight avenues for building an online audience, and marketing research basics that can guide a marketing plan with knowledge and stat-driven results rather than blind hope.

From crafting WordPress websites to email marketing to finer points of copywriting and search engine optimization, the course then steers into some of the areas where today’s top marketers are seeing the biggest returns (enter: social media).

You’ll discover how audiences on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social platforms will best respond to your message, how to use sites and services like Quora and Google AdWords to amplify that message, then gauge and refine the effectiveness of the entire campaign with Google Analytics.

For a course that literally combines 12 different marketing disciplines into one concise training agenda, it’s a no-nonsense, ultra-consolidated regimen that will open novices and experienced marketers alike to the power of focused digital campaigns. A $200 value, get the training now for a fraction of that total: just $19.