What’s Cooler than a Lightsaber? A 3D-printed Lightsaber, Of Course

Seen the new Star Wars trailer? It is tantalizingly brilliant. Sadly, there is still another year to wait before The Force Awakens finally makes it into cinemas. In the meantime, the 86-second teaser offers up one important detail: a glimpse of the new crossguard lightsaber. Almost inevitably, someone has created a 3D design for the illuminated sword. Yes, that’s right — you can now print a lightsaber at home.


The designs are the work of the team at Le FabShop (a French electronic and fabrication supplier), who posted detailed instructions of how to recreate their brilliant fan-project on Instructables along with this awesome promo video…

It consists of parts that can all be made in a fairly modest-sized 3D printer, and which can be assembled without the need for any adhesives, although Le FabShop recommends spraying the parts with metallic paint after printing, for best cosmetic effect.


This is not the first 3D-printed lightsaber to hit the web, by any means, but these designs do offer some great customizability — you can go for the traditional lightsaber, a saberstaff, or the new T-shaped crossguard, and the material you use obviously affects the color of the blade. As you would also hope from any decent quality energy weapon, the blade concertinas, and unleashes itself from the handle, too.


If you fancy giving the kit a try for yourself, check out the Instructables post and download the files here.

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