Meet the Mac Maestro: Q & A with Cult of Mac Founder, Leander Kahney

If you love Apple, its devices, software, and everything in between, then you’ve probably heard of Cult of Mac. Cult of Mac is a go-to publication for Apple fanboys and critics alike – they offer breaking news and are regarded as a primary tech news source for many. Leander Kahney is the founder, editor, and publisher for Cult and today, he’s kind enough to lend us his wisdom for a few questions regarding his Apple/Mac empire.

Q: What was your background before Cult of Mac?

A: I was a newspaper reporter from the UK. I covered the police beat in Luton, a dirty old town with (luckily) lots of crime. I got laid off and decided to travel the states with the severance. I ended up in San Francisco, and talked my way into a job with MacWeek, the legendary Apple weekly newsmagazine, and then Wired News. It was there I started the Cult of Mac blog, which I took independent in 2009.

Q: What’s currently on your Mac menu bar?

A: Skype — Backblaze — Adobe Creative Cloud — 1Password — Dropbox — in that order.

Q: What’s the most underrated Mac or iOS app, in your opinion?

A: Underrated is a tough one, because most hyper-critical Apple fans think their apps are *overrated* kin the much-hated Maps app. I’d say the Music app because of Beats Radio, which can be annoying and insufferable, but when it’s great, it’s great.

Q: What outdated tech gadget do you miss the most?

A: Not many of them. Almost everything in tech has gotten better, from game consoles to phones. I don’t much miss my old Motorola Razr. Maybe I miss the old arcade games, like Scramble. The old gearstick controls on that game are hard to beat.

Q: What’s your take on the recent FBI v. Apple data discussion?

A: Apple was 100% right. The integrity of our devices cannot be compromised, even for things as important as terror investigations. It’s much more than data privacy, our devices mediate so much of our lives — from our finances to our health. Watertight data security is bedrock to that.

Q: What do you think the next big game-changer from Apple will be?

A: The Apple car. Self-driving electric cars will have the most profound effect on everything, from travel to architecture, urban planning, commuting, deliveries, even childcare. Imagine not having to drive the kids all over town for soccer practice, or being able to sleep while your car drives you from San Francisco to LA overnight. And no more nincompoop drivers or traffic jams! I can’t wait.

Q: What inspires you to wake up and keep growing Cult of Mac every day?

A: Putting four kids through college. The prospect of having to get a job and work for someone else.

Q: What do you think cats dream about?

A: Sheesh, cat food? An automated butt-licking device from Apple?

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