Want to play the best indie online games for cheap? Get ‘em all for up to 74% off

Video games can be a crap shoot — and we’re not even talking about your skills or the game’s difficulty. No, with retail prices hovering around $60 for a typical five-star release, you’re committing a decent chunk of change every time you buy the latest hot game. It’s a hefty investment. And that’s before you even know if it’s really worth playing or not.

However, there’s an alternative to video game sticker shock. For the cost of picking up “Far Cry 5” next week, you can instead unlock unlimited access to dozens of hot indie games with a two-year subscription to Dropleaf (now $59.99, 74 percent off its regular price).

While blockbuster games from giant production houses get massive publicity, Dropleaf focuses attention on the exploding crop of up-and-coming development talent. Their platform helps some of the industry’s best young creators earn a fighting chance to get their work in front of a real gaming audience and compete on an even playing field with gaming’s heavyweights.

Dropleaf offers PC gamers a growing catalog of more than 70 titles to sample — including the best indie online games. And we’re not talking a Steam-like environment clogged with Minesweeper or Flappy Bird clones. Dropleaf prides itself on a curated gaming experience, selecting elite quality games as part of a diverse portfolio crossing multiple genres.

Whether it’s an epic motorcycle racing game like “Ride,” a fourth-wall busting adventure-puzzler experience like “Algotica: Iteration 1” or a straight-up button-mashing brawler like “Punch Club,” your Dropleaf options are varied, yet always featuring high playability and voices you won’t find anywhere else.

There’s even a recommendation feature, which monitors what you’re enjoying, then recommends other games targeted to scratch your particular gaming itch.

Just install the client, download your game and you’re ready to access the best indie online games. Regularly $9.99 a month, this deal gives you two years of Dropleaf gaming for the price of six months. You can also get in on shorter 1-year ($34.99) and six-month ($19.99) plans right now under this limited time offer.