The best lightning cable for your car is just $12.50

Let’s face it: we can never have too many lightning cables. But, sometimes our love for charging options gets the best of us, and those 10-foot power cords sprawl across our desks and center consoles like the writhing tentacles of an electronic squid. This is especially true in the car — where the high of plugging into your favorite mount is brought down by the mess of wires that will likely end up in your coffee tumbler at some point That’s why we’re big fans of these Apple MFi-Certified Coiled Charging Cables. Measuring in at 1.5 feet normally and three feet stretched, these cables let you power up your iOS devices without bogging you down with extra cordage. Plus, their coiled design makes them super easy to transport without having to fear knots and tangles. The “coil” may sound simple, but these cables will be game changers in your car, on your nightstand, and beyond. And right now, a two-pack will cost you only $24.99, that’s $12.50 a piece.

The Best Lightning Cables Are MFi-Certified

PSA: when looking for charging cables outside of the Apple Store (for those of you who prefer to not overpay for your gadgets), always look for the MFi-certification. This certification ensures the consumer that the cable is safe for your Apple gadget, and will not deteriorate your battery, or worse, fry your battery altogether. And this isn’t just a claim made by the makers of these cables, Onepix. Go ahead and check Apple’s MFi website to confirm the authorization if you so choose.

And, They Come Highly Reviewed

These cables boast over 200 positive reviews on Amazon (4 out of 5 stars), making them Amazon’s Choice for coiled iPhone cables. But you won’t get the discount there that you’re seeing on StackSocial. You can score two for nearly 25% off their usual price today. A two-pack of these Apple MFi-Certified iPhone Charging Cables normally retail for $32.99, but you can get them on sale for $24.99, saving almost 25% off the usual price. And let’s not kid ourselves — you’re going to want two.