Essentials Bundle Extended 36 Hours!

Apparently, the world is full of slackers…err, I mean procrastinators because all of a sudden its the last day to get the Mac Essentials Bundle and everyone is ready to party viva la Mac Software!  (I really have no idea what that means, but it sounded cool.)

Anyway, due to overwhelming demand…we are going to extend the bundle by 36 hours!  That’s right…grab your maracas amigo and get over to StackSocial because its time for a fiesta.  

$44 bucks gets you in…that’s like 3 margaritas for 12 quality Mac apps that will last much longer than your Sunday morning hangover.  Trust us, this deal will not come around again anytime soon….just sayin’.

Also, wanted to take a moment to thank all the Press Corps that covered us over the past two weeks.  A special shout out to Mike Vardy at TheNextWeb for his excellent write-up…and also thrilled by the excellent covererage by Florence Ion @ MacLife, Buster Heine @ Cult of Mac,  Jack Johnson @ Mac.AppStorm, Cherr Aira Quintana @ SiliconANGLE, and all the others we’re missing   Oh, but, I would be remiss if I didn’t include our German friends at ifun and macnews — danka!

Alright, there it is folks….you have 36 more hours…tell your friends, tell your wife, tell your kids….they hookin’ everybody up with some Mac Apps up in here!!  (apologies if you didn’t get the Antoine Dodson reference)…ok, I’m going to go now.


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