How to create professional-quality videos without experience

It took 6 years of production before legendary filmmaker David Lynch got his arthouse masterpiece “Eraserhead” in front of an audience. And if you saw the Oscar-nominated “Boyhood,” you know director Richard Linklater shot it over 12 years to chronicle a boy’s entire adolescence.

Granted, the presentation video you’re putting together for the next sales meeting probably isn’t going to take more than a decade. But between shooting, editing, music, graphics and everything else that goes into creating a professional-grade video, hours of tinkering can stack up very, very quickly.

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Meet Wave.Video Pro

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Wave.Video’s clean drag-and-drop interface lets you insert elements into your project easily, even when you haven’t shot a frame of video yourself. The Wave.Video library includes access to over 200 million stock video clips and over 300,000 royalty-free audio segments. Or simply drag your own original video footage into your project and get cutting.

Wave.Video tools allow you to make edits or insert transitions, fonts, animation and other visual and audio effects in seconds. Unlike heavy-duty video editing programs, there’s no mammoth learning curve. Rather than getting bogged down in hyper-specialized controls and procedures, Wave.Video is built for the occasional videographer, while never sacrificing quality.

Exporting video into various formats for a myriad of social media platforms can be another production timekiller. However, Wave.Video comes with 30 pre-loaded publishing formats ready to go, so you can have your video custom tailored for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or your company website without hours of extra work.

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