Foodies are obsessing over this avocado tool

Avocados are a delicious and healthy addition to a clean eating routine. They’re loaded with heart-healthy fats, dense in nutrients, and just plain delicious to add to salads or to eat as a snack. The only drawback? They’re troublesome to cut and pit. That’s where the Avocado Joy Slicer comes in.

This innovative little kitchen gadget takes all the hassle out of avocado prep before you can even say “Taco Tuesday”. Whether you’re prepping a get-together with the whole neighborhood or just making a meal for yourself, you’ll never cut up an avocado faster than when you use this tool.

Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, the Avocado Joy Slicer includes a zigzag knife and pit scooper in one convenient package. Use it to slice the avocado in half — once halved, you simply place an entire half through the zigzag knife, and it chops up the avocado into perfectly uniform slices for you.

Worried about hurting yourself with an ordinary knife to remove the pit? The Avocado Joy Slicer has a circular pitter that spares your hands from being nicked or punctured. When you’re done, just toss it into the dishwasher to clean.

This tool takes out the mess and inconvenience and replaces it with easy to enjoy, buttery avocado. What could be better?  Buy it here for $9.99, half off the original price of $19.99.