Game on! | StackSocial Partners with Gamezebo

StackSocial has teamed with Gamezebo to introduce quality games to a more casual audience. With the success of Angry Birds, Farmville, Words With Friends, etc., there is no doubt that just about everyone enjoys a fun game. Gamezebo is THE source for these casual gamers to find the next craze.

Solid games are being created by independent developers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, casual gamers aren’t too proactive in discovering games making it difficult for quality games to taste the limelight. This partnership between StackSocial and Gamezebo will streamline the process of connecting the average Joe or Josephine with a entertaining game that is easy to learn and will provide hours of good times. 

Lastly, we will be kicking things off with our friends at Gamezebo with a Name Your Own Price bundle catered to casual gamers; just a taste of the abundance of full version games you will able to try for next to nothing price tags! 

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