6 Treats (Not Tricks) to Help You Throw a Non-Lame Halloween Party

It’s officially Spooky Season! Whether that phrase makes you cringe or fills your heart with glee, you may be thinking about planning a witchin’ Halloween party. Food, games, and costumes galore, you’ll want to make sure your shindig isn’t a bore. Whether you’re throwing a BOOzy bash or a dressed-up dinner, these goodies below will help you make the most of your ghostly get-together.

Decorate With a 7ft Upside-Down Christmas Halloween LED Tree

First and foremost, you need to make sure your home is decked out in the most festive Halloween décor! Sure, throw a jack-o-lantern or two in there, but this cool upside-down tree will have everyone talking about your party—and make it, quite literally, lit. It comes donned with 400 purple LED lights, as well as mini pumpkins and skulls to add some spooky spirit to your home! Buy it today (and use it for years!) for $239.99 (reg $349).

Clean Up Before & After With This Cordless 6-in-1 Handheld Stick Vacuum

We know this may not be the most fun, but the reality is that cleaning is necessary—especially when you have a bunch of people coming to your house. Before your guests arrive, get your floors nice and clean with this cordless, 200W brushless-motor vacuum cleaner. Since it works on both hard floors and carpet, you can cut that oh-so-tedious chore’s time in half! Plus, party-goers can be messy… After restraining yourself from yelling at your friend for wearing a glitter-covered costume, you can breathe easier knowing you’ll clean it all up with this cordless stick vacuum for $169.99 (reg. $189).

Sip Oh-So Spookily With Winc Wine Delivery: $165 of Credit for 12 Bottles

If you’re intending on having a truly ghouly, unruly time, you might want to stock up on some Halloween *spirits* by purchasing a killer selection of wines. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house to go shopping for it—Winc delivers wine right to your doorstep. Once you complete your Palate Profile Quiz, they’ll send you personalized choices based on your answers. At only $89.95 for 12 bottles of wine, you can’t go wrong with this digital Winc voucher for your party’s booze supply.

Drink Up With This Tapology 6-Pack Cooler Microfoam Beer Tap

If you also have a bunch of beer-drinkers attending your partay, this handy little beer tap can turn your night from fun to funner. Since it’s also a cooler, it keeps the 6-can capacity of your witches’ brew nice and cold for your guests’ enjoyment. Because it’s battery-powered, you can put it anywhere, and even take it with you to toss one back at any future party or event—inside OR outside! For $89.99 (reg. $119), you can scoop up this microfoam beer tap.

Serve in Style With 2 Full-Size Chafing Dishes

OK, so we’ve taken care of your thirsty guests. But, inevitably, they will get hungry! If you’re whipping up some hauntingly delicious culinary specialties, the easiest way to serve them is in these buffet chafing dishes. Not only do they provide an efficient way of holding a lot of grub at once, but their included fuel burners also keep it nice and toasty so that unlucky last person on the food line doesn’t end up with a cold meal. Serve up to 9 quarts of food in these stainless steel vessels, and fill your guests’ plates and bellies all night long! Get this buffet-style chafing dish for $149.99 (reg. $259).

Crank Up the Tunes With the TREBLAB HD-Max: Big Loud Bluetooth Speaker

What’s a party without music? Whether you intend on playing Thriller and “Monster Mash” on repeat all night or want to enjoy the top hits of your favorite decades, this speaker will get the job done. It plays high-quality, deep-bass sound with 3 different modes for listening, plus, it has a super long-lasting battery, meaning you can jam out for hours. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, this speaker is also waterproof—so, if any of your party-goers spill something on it, you won’t have to permanently banish them for ruining your stuff. Pump up the volume and dance the night away with this TREBLAB speaker for $161.99 (reg. $189).

Prices subject to change.