Here’s how to launch a cybersecurity career in 2018

68+ hours of training for less than $15

As more companies embrace technology in our fast-paced and constantly evolving digital landscape, the risk of significant data breaches simultaneously increases. In fact, cybersecurity company Symantec predicts that attacks will become more pronounced in 2018, as hackers adopt machine learning and AI to launch more complex attacks.

It’s safe to say the need for white hat hackers or cybersecurity experts is more relevant than ever, and the workforce is rapidly expanding. So whether you’ve been inspired by binge-watching Mr. Robot, or have always dreamed of fighting cybercrime, The Ultimate White Hat Hacker 2018 Bundle is the first step to launching your cybersecurity career.

This bundle features eight courses, with over 68 hours of content, 681 lessons and lifetime access. You’ll learn how to identify threats and vulnerabilities, break WiFi encryption methods, and master ethical hacking tools, such as Kali Linux. During the coursework, you’ll simulate an entire penetration test from beginning to end, giving you verifiable hands-on experience.

If you’re wondering if you’ll have to sell a kidney to pay for this course, relax. Although the bundle is valued at $1,528, you can pay what you want (yes, even as low as one dollar) and still access at least one of the courses. If you beat the average price, currently around $14, you’ll take home the entire bundle! Pro tip: beat the Leader’s price, and you’ll get an extra entry in the iPhone X Giveaway! Happy (white hat) hacking!

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