7 Essential Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests This Holiday Season

The holidays are a-comin’, and it looks like it’s your turn to host the family. Some of them are setting up camp right in your house, and it’s never too early to be prepared! There’s no place like home for the holidays, so make your overnight guests feel truly welcome with these tips that’ll make even the grumpiest member of your family jolly. Let your holiday hosting be a win-win for everyone, and you’re sure to make it onto the Nice List.

Give the Joy of a Good Night’s Sleep With Bamboo Smart Pocket Sheets

Getting a good night’s sleep is the key to hosting a happy home. Exhausted guests are not happy guests (and chances are, they won’t be making you happy, either). Give them a blissful night’s sleep with super-comfy bedding, plus the bonus of storage, with these Bamboo Smart Pocket Sheets for $32.99 (reg. $99)! Perfect for even the smallest of guest spaces where a nightstand just wouldn’t work, the fam can keep their phones, books, or other small items right next to them.

Keep Your Family Calm and Comfortable With an Oil-Diffusing Space Heater

Some family gatherings can get heated, but they can also get cold when the house cools down too much at night! Keeping your guests calm and relaxed with the help of essential oils is a great way to discretely ease any tension or even serve as just a pleasant aroma. Put some heat, soothing essential oil, or both into the air in your guest room with this oil diffuser, humidifier, and space heater combo for $159.95 (reg. $180).

Offer a Spa-Like Bathroom Experience With Turkish Cotton Towels

While trying to keep everyone comfortable, it helps to have some luxurious tools at your disposal. The last thing you want to hear is that Aunt Gladys was complaining to your mom about the dingy, rough towels you had in the bathroom. Make the post-shower experience in your home a positive one when guests can wrap themselves in soft, fluffy towels. Check out this lush six-piece set of Turkish cotton towels for $54.99 (reg. $59).

Provide Extra Lighting and Extra Power With a Himalayan Salt Lamp

One of the most annoying things about staying at someone’s house is that you don’t always have easy access to an outlet to charge your phone at night. Or you can’t find any lighting between full-on overhead fixtures and pitch-black darkness. This lamp and charger combo solves both of those problems! Plus, the Himalayan salt design gives off a cozy vibe that’ll help your guests chill. Scoop up this cool combo for $89.99 (reg. $149).

Keep Guests Entertained at All Times With Help From SelectTV

If your family loves to gather ’round the tube during get-togethers, you’ll want to make sure you have access to live TV and a convenient place where all of your streaming services live. Fumbling through a million menus to find that what you want is never a good time. Instead, see what’s on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and all the others on one dashboard and save yourself the aggravation. Get SelectTV, which has over 150 live channels and provides a platform to see all your streaming services in one spot. You’ll get a lifetime subscription, plus a $20 store credit, for just $99.99 (reg. $478)!

Create Late-Night Laughs for the Whole Gang With Farting Frenchies

Keeping your guests entertained can go even further than relying on technology. Give them lasting memories and hearty laughter by busting out a game! This hilarious dog-themed card game will have everyone rolling on the floor while they collect, feed, and steal each other’s Frenchies. Fun for kids and adults alike, you won’t be scrambling to find a way to keep everyone from getting bored. Get the Farting Frenchies card game for $19.99 (reg. $24) and let the good times roll!

Brew Some Quality Coffee With the Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus

After all that fun from the night before, your guests might need a little help waking up. Some caffeine therapy should do the trick. But of course, everyone likes something different, right? Make sure you’re prepared with this coffee bundle from Breville. This versatile, high-tech machine can make barista-level coffee and espresso with three different brewing sizes. Start everyone’s day off right and enjoy some extra-delicious cups o’ joe for $229.95 (reg. $249).

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