In My Laptop Bag: Alex McGeeney

There are tons of sweet gadgets out there, but what are those game-changing essentials you carry day-in-and-day-out? 

We’re asking this question to some of our favorite tech tastemakers—starting with our very own in-house tech titan Alex McGeeney. Fresh off the plane from South by Southwest, and sporting St. Patty’s Day green, Alex shared his top-5, game-changing accessories. Check it out:


  1. GRID-IT!® Organizer

Alex likes to be organized (in case you couldn’t tell). Before he added this organizer to his laptop bag, it was nearly impossible to keep all the cables and accessories in their place. You could say the GRID-IT!® Organizer is the cornerstone to his productivity success.


  1. KeySmart

When asked what his all-time favorite everyday product was, Alex immediately pointed to the KeySmart. (He laughs a little), It may seem like a simple concept, but keeping his keys consolidated and easily accessible makes every day more efficient.


  1. 10-Ft Lightning Cable

Alex carries a few charging cables—one micro USB for his Beats plus a short Lightning cable for charging at his desk—but his favorite is the 10-foot Lightning. Sometimes it’s the little things in life—like being able to lay on the couch and not have to move to reach your charging phone.


  1. Battery Pack

Alex is constantly on-the-go meeting with clients, attending conferences like SXSW, and checking out LA’s restaurant scene (he’s Stack’s resident expert). This makes carrying some extra juice for charging up his phone absolutely essential. He owns a few different sizes of battery packs to switch out depending on the day’s agenda.


  1. Flashlight

Maybe it’s the EDC nerd in him, but Alex never leaves the house without a flashlight. This one is super compact, but bright enough to get you through the next blackout or camping trip.


A few more tid-bits from the man himself:

Q: What was the highlight at SXSW 2016?

A: It would probably have to be the Mr. Robot 100-foot Ferris wheel and Coney Island arcade. It was pretty epic.

Q: Where’s your favorite spot to get tech news?

A: Definitely The Verge

Q: What’s your favorite new app on your phone?

A: That’s a tie right now. CARROT Weather is an awesome new weather app and Quartz is a great news app. Both are staples now in my book.