Must-Know Finance Skills For Any Budding Wall Streeter

Do you dream of a finance career, but tremble whenever you open an Excel file? Start making moves with a lifetime subscription to this ‘Wall Street Training’ Course Bundle, which will teach you how to conquer any spreadsheet one pivot table at a time. Now $89–that’s a whopping 86% off MSRP–this bundle is packed with 9 courses and over 15 hours of instruction to help you master all things finance.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Basic & Fundamental Concepts: Accounting & Beginner Finance Course Package (5 courses, $150 value)
  • Core Fundamental Concepts: Financial Modeling & Valuation Course Package (3 courses, $200 value)
  • Excel Fundamentals for the Finance Professional Course (1 course, $300 value)

You’ll start with a series of 5 introductory courses on accounting and general finance concepts, mastering everything from finance jargon to trading analysis. Next, you’ll work through 3 courses on financial modeling and valuation, learning crucial Excel functions with which to analyze a company’s value and stock. Finally, you’ll solidify your Excel knowledge with a course on common formulas and tools–everything from the simple but almighty SUM formula to financial functions such as PV, NPV, and IRR.

By the time you complete the ‘Wall Street Training’ Course Bundle, you’ll be ready to take the finance industry by storm. At $89 for a limited time only, this bundle delivers amazing value and real results–so grab one and take that first step towards your new career.

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