October 4, 2021

Looking for a new set of headphones or earbuds and not sure what to buy? We get it. The terms “headphones” and “earbuds” are often used interchangeably, but despite performing a similar primary function, they’re really not the same. Headphones…

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September 29, 2021
September 27, 2021

Learn all the differences separating headphones and earbuds plus how to decide between the two For many, music and podcast preferences are extensions of personality, things that are unique to the individual. It makes sense, then, that people think so…

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September 21, 2021

Whether you look at this time of year as the end of summer, the start of fall, or the finally-back-to-school period, there’s a season overlapping it all, that most everyone can get behind: tailgating season. You may be a parking-lot…

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