This Platform Is Making Management of Apple Devices Easy


Whether you’re just getting your small business off the ground or growing an already successful venture, onboarding and maintaining your employees’ tech gadgets are important steps. Unfortunately, IT can be expensive — and out of the question for many small businesses. Even if you can afford to purchase reliable Apple devices for your growing staff, it can be hard to find the time to keep them updated without a specialist. That’s where Jamf Now comes into play: it’s a cloud-based solution that delivers Apple management and security with just a few minutes of setup.

Jamf Now makes mobile device management simple by allowing remote setup and configuration. You’ll begin by creating a Blueprint for each group of devices, which helps you with deploying specific apps, settings, and restrictions exactly the way you need them. Your employees will have instant access to their company email account and the other apps and settings that increase productivity without complex instructions.

Once you’re up and running, Jamf Now helps with ongoing device management by giving you full access to device details, the ability to see free disk capacity, and automatic app installation. You can also keep track of inventory and push Apple OS updates to each Mac, iPad or iPhone.

As an added bonus, Jamf Now protects sensitive information about your company and employees with powerful encryption of your entire drive and passcode requirements on all of your company’s gadgets. If someone loses an iPhone, you can remotely lock or wipe it so you can move on with your day with peace of mind that your company data is secure.

IT costs are often out of the question for new businesses, and Jamf Now is the affordable alternative that you’ve likely been looking for. Create a better user experience for less, by signing up for a Jamf Now free trial today. Create your free account!