Steve Jobs: Be Different.

I’ve read so many posts about Steve Jobs in the past few days, you would think one would get sick of it…but I haven’t.  Steve Jobs’ story is so inspiring, so iconic that it reminds me of a farilytale.  Not a Disney fairytale, but a Silicon Valley one.  

Like many of the best entrepreneurs, Steve was a bit of a misfit…dropped out of college for his dream…was doggedly stubborn…creatively brilliant…and always opinionated.  So much so that his stubborness cost him the leadership role at the company he founded…only to come charging back ten years later and bring the company from the brink to the most valuable company in the world.  

Think about that.  From nearly bankrupt to the most valuable company in the world…that is quite a feat.

The thing I’ve always found amazing about Apple isn’t how quickly it grew to dominance but how dogged it stayed in its vision.  Apple and Jobs have always, in my opinion, gone against what everyone else has always told me: “the customer is always right”.  Not with Apple…it wasn’t about listening to the customer, it was about leading the customer even if that meant they were ahead of their time a bit.

There are too many better writers and researchers out there that have already written mini-bio’s about all of Steve Jobs’ accomplishments.  This is just a short “thank you” to the man that gives me inspiration.  

Even when it seems that you’ve lost your way and the majority of the world doesn’t want what you’re offering…there is still hope as long as you continually innovate, inspire, and lead.

Persevere and Be different.

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