22-year-olds Build Incredible Social Media App.

Buffer is a hot new startup focused on Twitter optimization  and we here at StackSocial are impressed with them in more ways than one.

 Buffer’s main product, Bufferapp main function is to schedule your tweets to avoid bombarding your followers with a day’s worth of tweets in a five-minute period. This is perfect for businesses (or any power user) using Twitter for marketing because it breaks the ball-and-chain relationship with the computer.  All you have to do to install the Bufferapp extension is go through the simple instructions on their site and the Bufferapp icon will be automatically installed at the top of your browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox).  You can then click on the icon anytime you are on a site or reading an article that you would like to tweet and Buffer will either post is immediately or any scheduled time in the future.  This means that you can now sit down at your computer for ten minutes every morning, read through your blogroll and schedule your tweets for the entire day.

Buffer has emphasized that their product is meant to optimize Twitter use, not automate it. Its awesome analytics provide users with information about followers’ engagement such as click-thrus and overall “reach,” allowing users to adjust and tweak their marketing and content strategies to gain more followers and more conversion. Who doesn’t love an app that makes social media use easier and more effective?

Some of the app’s best features:

  • Supports multiple Twitter profiles
  •  Supports multiple Facebook pages
  • Don’t have to chose specific time for scheduling (like Hootsuite), rather you simply drop the tweet into a queue that the app will space out throughout the day
  •  Bufferapp extensions with Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Bufferapp blog buttons available
  • Ton of integration options at Bufferapp Goodies page    

The Buffer team also runs a blog that gives insider tips and insights into the social media and tech communities, which not so ironically is blowing up all over Twitter.  These “new kids on the block” have definitely proven themselves to be something to watch on the social media scene.  When we say “kids”  what we really mean is prodigies…Buffer was founded by two 22-year-olds in October of 2012 and was a part of the AngelPad incubator in SF.  

 StackSocial rating:  5 out of 5 STACKS 

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