5 Kickstarter Projects We Love.

Kickstarter just might be the hottest new investment trend in technology. Recently the founder of the site said that Kickstarter receives about 250 proposals everyday, 60% of which are accepted and posted to the site.  By the end of 2011 over 150,000 projects had been submitted and over $125 million worth of funds were raised to try and get those projects off the ground.

 We’ll admit it; we’re impressed. Here are a few of our favorite projects: 


Dash is a car stereo run by your smartphone.  It is made of a “faceplate” that is fitted to whichever kind of smartphone you have (meaning it can easily be changed if you get a new phone) and a stereo body which is installed in your car, replacing your current stereo. It also charges your phone making it possible to drive from one side of Los Angeles to the other in rush hour traffic without your phone dying. Sign us up. 

Check it out here. 


Timelapse+ is a intervalometer (timer device) for SLR cameras.  It can connect to any camera with a cable release and has Bluetooth Low Energy technology for connecting with accessories. This device will allow photographers to control the interval, length of exposure in tenths of a second, the number of exposures per interval (for HDR) and a different duration for each exposure.  

Check it out here.


Ever been hiking in the woods when your phone suddenly dies? Maybe not, but it could happen. This case uses solar technology to charge an iPhone. A great thing to have in the great outdoors or to keep in your car in case of emergency. As we’ve all learned the hard way: you never know when your phone might die; now there’s an environmentally friendly way to deal with it. 

Check it out here. 


Node uses Bluetooth Low Energy technologyto allow the “code-literate techie to the simple home owner” to enjoy the fun and power of sensors.  The “Kore” features allows you to use Node to hang pictures or as a motion-based remote control. “Clima” allows you to measure your climate while “Luma” can turn your phone into a flashlight. This may just be one the most practicals apps yet. 

Check it out here.

Mail Pilot 

Email…perhaps the best and worst thing that has happened to humanity in the past 20 years. Mail Pilot allows you to finally get control without having to store your information anywhere but your current server. This app allows you to mark messages as read/unread, organize review lists and browse through your emails for efficiently and accurately. The best past is that it’s compatible with all major email servers so you don’t need to get a new address. That’s one less thing to have to worry about! 

Check it out here. 


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