This USB-C hub solves all your port problems

As early as 2015, USB-C has been staking its claim as the go-to port type across all electronics. Why? It’s as simple as thickness when it comes to laptops. Computer manufacturers are opting for consumer-friendly, thinner laptops and sacrificed the quickly-disappearing USB 3.1 port. USB Type=C also offers a range of perks like reversible plug orientation and bi-directional power that are defining the future of technology. So we get it, USB C is here to stay. But what do you do with all your USB 3.1-compatible gadgets in the meantime?

Delivering 7 Ports in 1

Most of us still need those USB 3.1 ports — and lucky for us, type C is backward compatible. Meaning with the help of a solid adapter like HyperDrive SOLO, you can have all your ports and use them too. So while the rest of the world catches up, consider picking up one of these highly-rated HyperDrive SOLO Hubs. It adds the following additional ports to your device to solve all your charging needs:

  • USB-C
  • HDMI (with 4K support)
  • USB 3.1 (two of those)
  • MicroSD
  • SD
  • Audio jack

What Makes This USB-C Hub Unique?

While most adapters are pretty basic type C to 3.1, HyperDrive offers a whole lot more for the same price range. You can stream a movie to your 4K TV with the HDMI port, while listening to a podcast with your audio jack., and syncing your phone via 3.1 Maybe you’re that extreme of a multitasker and we fully support you. But the point is that this hub accounts for every port you could possibly need in an era when gadgets are being released with fewer and fewer ports.

Plus as a bonus, you can even charge your MacBook through the hub for easy transport and on-the-go charging. Its minimalist and sleek design is another plus, as its aesthetic is a seamless add-on to your MacBook Pro.

The HyperDrive SOLO 7-in-1 USB-C Hub is currently 31% off for just $55. Snag this solid option while it’s still on sale.