All the budgeting tools & investing courses you need — for under $20

If you’re like most of us, you probably think a lot about your budget. But how much time do you actually spend managing it or tackling your financial future? It may not be much, and you wouldn’t be alone. According to a Gallup poll, only 30% of Americans have a long-term financial plan. And for good reason, concepts like investing, budgeting, and estate planning (!) can be pretty intimidating unless you have the budgeting tools to help.

How to Start Taking Control of Your Budget

Yet budgeting and financial planning tools are all around you — and getting on track can be as easy as $20 and a few hours in front of the computer. For example, this full collection of Personal Finance courses can teach you all the basics you need to get started. Featuring eight courses on budgeting and investing, this complete training will whip your entire fiscal well-being into shape.

What Is “Pay What You Want”?

Here’s how enrolling works: pay any amount at all and you’ll automatically get access to two courses: Finance for Freedom (a $65 value), a 30-day plan for putting your financial house in order; and Investing 101 (a $50 value), a guide to sound investment strategies for building a stable, yet growing portfolio.

It’s a great start. But by matching the average price paid by other students like you (currently under $20), you’ll unlock access to the rest of the package, featuring six additional courses to round out your financial education. You’ll receive:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance (a $99 value)
  • Complete Stock Market Starter Toolkit for Beginners (a $50 value)
  • Create A Budget That Works (a $25 value)
  • Personal Finance Masterclass (a $297 value)
  • Value Investing (a $50 value)
  • Personal Finance Volume I: Wealth Creation (a $20 value)

From creating a personalized budget to trading and investing in the stock market, it’s all here. Across more than 33 hours of hands-on training, you’ll even get into some long-range planning, including retirement basics and even navigating real estate, mortgages, and other major purchases.

Altogether, these courses would normally run over $650, but if you lock in this bundle now, you’ll get all this training for literal pennies on the dollar.