Android Pay, Apple’s new car, and more in this StackOverview

Hello to all our favorite Stackers and loyal readers. We thought we would do something a little different today. Instead of focusing on one product or giving you a list of tips and tricks, here is a quick StackOverview. StackOverviews are meant to give you a quick look into some of the things going on in your favorite areas of tech without having to visit 12 other sites. If you saw something interesting in tech this week, let us know!


            Apple Watch. Apple Watch everywhere. We are all excited about the new Apple Watch and the slow leaks of information that keep us on the edges of our collective seats. The most recent release is that the new Watch will have a Power Reserve mode in order to save battery life. Evidently at full functioning the watch will only last about 4 hours. However, since interactions with the watch will be brief (ie. You probably won’t be playing Candy Crush) the watch is anticipated to last a full day.


Apple is also leaking some pictures that paints the company as a car maker. And I imagine that if Apple wants to make cars, that’s exactly what it will do. Apple is currently working on a project called “Titan.” Titan is an electric car that is evidently meant to rival Tesla. First give us our watch, then we will see where this whole car thing goes.


            android pay

Google is, as always, making moves quickly. Not to be outdone by Apple’s Apple Pay, Google just released Android Pay, a direct competitor. Don’t worry though, Google Wallet isn’t going anywhere. Google Wallet will soon be pre-installed in a variety of Android devices and will soon accept Android Pay as a primary source of payment. On top of that, Google has decided it wants to take on wireless carriers.

We all know about Google Fiber making a splash in the game of Internet Service Providers, but Google has just announced that it will become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and provide it’s own wireless service. Of course, this is just going to roll out on a small scale for now, just like Google has done with Fiber and other services, even though we wish they would just bring it to the entire country. And of course, talking about Android today would be remiss if we didn’t mention the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Bigger, beautiful, with a better battery, and more power, this new phone is changing the game for Android. Be on the lookout for this phone and it’s amazing new charging technology to drop on April 10th (4 hours of battery life after just 10 minutes charging. Whaaaaaat?).

Cool Tech:

            Remember the days of pushing your dad into the pool when he wasn’t paying attention at the family barbecue? Well, we may be getting back there soon. Sony has just released a new waterproof phone. While waterproof phones have been getting more and more common recently, this one avoids the standard pitfall: the little flap that always breaks off the micro-USB port. Be careful though, this phone should avoid salt-water, depths of more than 1.5 meters, and only go in chlorine “occasionally.” So it’s not perfect, but we are headed that way.


More cool tech? How about a scanner. That’s right, a scanner. Specifically, the Doxie Flip Cordless Flatbed Scanner. Know when you have to scan a notebook or a textbook or… well anything that isn’t a single page of paper? Super annoying to have to flip it over and cram it against the scanner’s screen to try and make it all fit. Well the Cordless Flatbed scanner has a removeable lid to scan non-flat surfaces. Honestly, this thing is cool, useful, and perfect for on the go. Also, it’s 32% off right now. Click the link, check it out, you won’t be disappointed. 

That’s all for today, but be on the lookout for a couple of new StackOverview’s later this week! And as always, check out the deals at StackSocial and if you want a deal on a specific product, let us know so that we can try to find it!

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