Apple iPhone 5S Ad Showcases Truly Amazing Things You Can Do with an iPhone

Happy Monday, Stackers! Here at StackSocial, we love our smartphones – trying the latest apps, playing Candy Crush…calling people (I guess?). It’s truly amazing to think that in the palms of our hands, we’re packing more computing power than could fit in a large room 50 years ago. It’s quite impressive, and we like to think that what we choose to do with our devices is impressive too. Then, the latest iPhone ad was released:

Our initial thoughts:

  • Wow.
  • The 4096 I got playing 2048 last week seems far less important now.
  • Wow.

It’s definitely a very powerful promo and it’s already got the StackSocial team filled with new ideas – we’re certainly going to be using the flight planning example next time we take out the StackSocial private jet (spoiler: we don’t have a private jet 🙁  ). Even StackSocial’s grandma in residence is excited:

Grandma iPhone 5S
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What do you think of the ad? Are you as impressed as we are or is it just kind of “meh?”

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