Battle of the Buds: Our Top 4 Bluetooth Earbuds, Ranked

The reality is that wires are a thing of the past here at Stack HQ. Each and every employee sports Bluetooth buds daily, and try as we might, we can barely keep them on the shelves. When it came down to purchasing a pair of my own, I decided it was time to raid our Sample Closet and try out a few of our top-sellers myself. Try them out I did, and I’ve ranked them according to my experience for your education and (hopefully) enjoyment.

Best Bargain

Magnetic Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones


I was immediately drawn to these earbuds by their modern, silver design. The aluminum-style construction made them stand out from the crowd, and I was especially impressed by the built-in magnets. I am constantly throwing headphones in my backpack only to later find them in a tangled mess, so the magnetic touch that holds the buds together is huge. Overall, I found the sound and fit really nice on these. For the price (only $24.99), they give you a little of everything: great design, comfortable fit, and quality sound. If you want bang for your buck, these are a great choice.

Best Innovator

KOAR Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones


Sticking something in your ear is an awkward, uncomfortable action that I’ve never particularly enjoyed. So when I heard there was a new way to listen to music that didn’t involve giant over-ear cups or annoying earplugs, I jumped onboard. At first glance, these Star Trek-style wraparound headphones don’t look very comfortable, but they actually fit super nicely around your head. Rather than go in your ear, the speakers rest on the sides of your face and emit vibrations…pretty strong vibrations. It’s a weird sensation to get used to, but it feels kind of like you are listening to a loud stereo or sitting at a concert. This is definitely a totally unique Bluetooth experience, and if you like to be in on the newest tech, you should definitely own a pair of these. 

Best Sound

Jabra Rox

00f5fd583b7507325bc5584439c415b957c5c103_main_hero_imageI had high expectations for this pair, since I own many Jabra audio devices and have never been disappointed. The design is minimalist and sleek, and they feature the same magnetic closure as the Magnetic Buds above. But what really blew me away was the powerful sound quality. While I don’t think these would necessarily stay put in my ears on a long run, they are perfect for walking around the house or doing errands. Plus these refurbished buds are as good as new, and heavily discounted.

Best for Runners & Gym Rats

Tenqa FIT Bluetooth Earbuds


Of the four pairs tested, Tenqa’s earbuds were by far the best fit. They deliver solid sound quality and a basic design, but the fit is what makes them truly stand out. If you’re looking for earbuds for running or hitting the gym, I would definitely opt for these at just $49.99 – and selling out fast.