iOS 10: Why It’s Exciting For Developers

iOS 10 is coming – this Fall the new Apple operating system will be available for all iOS devices, replete with new features and functionality. iOS 10 beta is available and developers are already creating new technology that works with all of iOS 10’s newest features. Looking to learn how to create iOS 10 apps? Here’s a few new features in the upcoming release that developers are already building for:


Gone are the days where Siri could only handle commands that used native iOS apps. With iOS 10, app developers will be able to use the power of Siri to allow users to command an app (even when it isn’t currently running) by using voice commands. How many times have you wanted to say “Hey Siri, pay Katie $20 using Cash App“, to no avail? iOS 10 gives developers the power to use Siri with just about any app.


Bye, bye Notification Center – Hello, Lock/Home Screen! iOS 8 introduced us to widgets in the Notification Center – where you could pull down all of your notifications, and swipe left/right to ‘Today’ which could play host to widgets from apps like Weather Underground and Evernote. With the arrival of iOS 10, now developers can take it even further and allow you to view widgets on your lock and home screen and even take direct actions from there.

iMessage + Apps

With iOS 10, iMessage is getting a huge facelift. If you’re a power user of Facebook’s Messenger app, a lot of what is coming to iMessage will look a bit familiar. iOS 10 is giving developers the power to bring their apps straight to the messaging interface. Rather than go from texting your friend in iMessage, to your favorite payment app to pay them for dinner, then back to iMessage to let them know you paid them, you can do all of that from iMessage. Apps can create custom extensions to work with iMessage and bring the app experience to the messaging platform. Users will be able to download extensions from the App Store, bringing the power and diversity of the app marketplace to iMessage.

Learn to Create in iOS 10

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