How marketers can easily create beautifully-designed assets

Logos and promotional materials aren’t just good for sales, they’re also the first impression your business makes on potential customers and the outside world in general. So imagine the impression made if your company logo is a glorified piece of clip art. Or if your sales flier looks someone slapped it together on an Apple IIe.

You can either hire an expensive graphic designer to handle these tasks for you or you can take advantage of the mountain of resources provided by PixelModo and do it yourself. And right now, a lifetime subscription to PixelModo’s app is only $49.99.

Whether your project is an ad, a banner, a social media graphic or beyond, PixelModo has the tools to get you started even if you have zero design know-how. Just choose from among over two-dozen templates (many optimized for the most popular social media and advertising sizes) as your canvas and you’re underway.

Of course, PixelModo isn’t going to force you to stare at a blank screen for long. Their treasure trove includes about 2.5 million images, patterns, vectors and other graphics and artistic flourishes to give your project virtually any feel you’re working to create. Just rolling your assets into your template and watch your graphic take shape.

Finally, you can choose from more than 150 different fonts to lay in just the right text to round out your piece. Part of PixelModo’s appeal is its ruthless efficiency with most projects only taking a matter of minutes to complete.

Meanwhile, PixelModo’s graphics editor is as intuitive as they come, easily saving and sharing graphics to help you craft premium digital art that rivals product from highfalutin design firms. You can export your final work into a host of formats, making it immediately ready for use in virtually any medium.

While the current lifetime offer is your best deal (just $49.99, a 91% savings), you can also take advantage now of shorter-term PixelModo access, including 1-year ($19.99) and 3-year ($34.99) plans. All extremely good bargains when compared to hiring a designer.