Best Tech Deals: StackSocial’s Community Picks for April 16, 2014

Hey Stackers. I’m Allan, the Community Manager at StackSocial. I’m the man behind all of our social media channels and the lead on comment moderation. Needless to say (I hate that phrase because obviously there is a need to say if I’m saying it; but I’m using it anyway..), I’m fully tuned-in on the StackSocial community and how they feel about our promotions and product as a whole.

Starting today, I am committing to 1 blog post a week highlighting our top 3 promotions according to the StackSocial community. These promotions will only be the best of the best that receive only the most positive feedback. Let’s get to it!

The Complete iOS 7 Developers Course

This is our second biggest promotion in the history of StackSocial! Nearly 10,000 users have jumped on this course and according to comments, everyone seems quite pleased. If you have any interest in app development for iOS, this is the ticket!

Check it out here:

$30 of Lyft Credit for $10

Our community already loves Lyft. This unfortunately has caused some negative feedback for this promotion since it’s only available to new users. Don’t let that scare you off though! Lyft is a great service that is a gazillion times better than your local taxi service. I personally use Lyft along with a handful or other StackSocial employees. For $10, you get a good 15 mile ride which is an insane value and the quality of service makes for an awesome experience. I highly suggest this deal if Lyft is available in your area.

Check it out here:

Sound Step Lightning Bluetooth Speaker

This is our 3rd time around offering a SOUNDFREAQ Bluetooth speaker. Only a small percentage of our audience has picked up on it due to it being a lesser-known brand and a higher price point. The ones who have picked this up couldn’t be happier. Simply put, this relatively small speaker will knock your socks off with it’s surprisingly loud output while maintaining incredibly crisp sound quality. It’s portable as well so it can serve as your primary entertainment system in your living room or easily bring it outside for your summer BBQ.

Check it out here:


Lastly, we are running our 3rd Mac Freebie Bundle. Don’t miss up on the opportunity to stack up on 7 free quality Mac apps. Some have had trouble with the redemption flow. If you do, please contact us at and a rep will ensure you get your free apps.

Get it here:

If you guys have any suggestions for the segment, I’d love to here them! I’m also happy to answer any other questions you may have about StackSocial or life in general.

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