Is a Bigger iPad on its way, too?

The new iPhone isn’t the only Apple product getting a size boost — if a Bloomberg report earlier today is true, the iPad is getting super-sized as well.

The size mentioned is 12.9 inches, a sizable increase from current iPads, and is likely to be marketed as a “pro” version (similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3) rather than the casual tablet user. Some had predicted that a larger-screen iPad would likely launch in late 2014, but the Bloomberg report states early 2015 as the likely arrival time.

Taking a step back and looking in, it seems that Apple is almost positioning the entire iPad line similar to the (rumored) plans for the iPhone — with the iPad Mini, iPad Air (and earlier gen. iPads) and now the forthcoming large-screen iPad, there would be three screen sizes available. That could be an interesting parallel, or just a completely useless piece of information I just threw into the mix that doesn’t mean anything…let’s hope it’s the former.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy a 12.9″ iPad?

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