“Bond-Inspired” LaserWatch Is Ideal for Escape From Evil Masterminds

We’ve all been there. A happy commute to work on your speed boat, complete with summer breeze and ocean spray, is rudely interrupted when some bad-guy gets his henchmen to tie you up. It is annoying, but with the right equipment at hand, the set-back shouldn’t spoil your day. For instance, the LaserWatch keeps track of when you should be at the office, and has a laser to make sure you break out of that lair in good time.

Admittedly, this particular model may struggle to burn through a steel bar — I’d be worried for your wrist if it could — but it is a remarkable piece of hack-engineering nonetheless. The watch face is made from carbon fiber, with an in-set LED display to tell the time. The laser fires in line with your arm, and it kicks out 1,500-milliwatts of blistering energy, which is enough to light a match, or cut tape, from a distance. Due to the power demands of that beam, the in-built battery can only last for around 5-10 minutes of laser action, but that should be enough for a quick round of balloon-popping target practice during a lunch break.

It is all the hard work of Patrick Priebe, who says it took him 40 hours to build. Sadly for the rest of us, he also says his creation is not for sale, but he might consider building a similar product for a paying customer at some point in the future. If you’d like to tempt him, just make sure to turn up with “nothing under $300” — an estimate he gave when speaking to Gizmag.

There’s more where the watch came from, too — see Patrick’s website for more of his work.

Source and Image Credit: Gizmag/YouTube

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