Boxer Arrives on Android to Make Email Less Painful

Unsurprisingly, Android has always been great for Google users. Between Gmail, Calendar and Drive, you have your own spacious cloud built in to the OS. But the services of other providers haven’t always been so easy to use, with email the most notable example. That is finally starting to change, though, thanks to the introduction of apps like Boxer.

Much like Mailbox, the original iOS version of Boxer won fans with its task-based sorting — you swipe emails left and right to tag them, turn them into to-dos and dates for your diary, or just get rid of them. That experience is replicated in the new Android version, but on Google’s OS, Boxer’s far-reaching compatibility gains greater importance. All major email providers are supported, as are a number of enterprise services, such as Box and Salesforce, and the total list of features is huge.

Critically, it’s also a joy to use. The design is refreshingly minimal, yet perfectly navigable thanks to a sensible layout and crisp icons. The controls take a little while to stick in your gray matter, and the very fact that there are several directions in which you can send each message does make for plenty of menus. However, once the controls become instinctive, they really do improve sorting efficiency, and the one-tap predefined responses come in useful, too. Meanwhile, most of the app integrations are very clearly made for serious work time, but the ability to attach files from your Dropbox account or forward an email to Evernote is helpful in your day-to-day workflow.

The new app is free to download, but you will need to make an in-app purchase of $9.99 to unlock the full version, which offers Exchange support, as well as custom signatures and quick replies.

Boxer is out now in the Play Store (free).

Extra Time — Angry Birds Stella

Enough with the productivity, though. Rovio has just launched Angry Birds Stella, so it’s time to start catapulting your seething avian friends across the screen all over again. As with all recent titles in the series, Stella provides no reinvention of the tried and tested gameplay, which is no bad thing. Instead, it adds a new flock of characters (one of whom is the title character), and 120 new jungle-themed levels to plow through in your quest for 3-star perfection. In other words, then, if you’ve loved previous Angry Birds releases, you’ll love this one.

Angry Birds Stella is out now in the Play Store (free, in-app purchases to unlock some levels)


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