How to Build a Globetrotting Lifestyle That Pays the Bills

Itching to see the world, but wary of breaking the bank? For a limited time, you can “pay what you want” for lifetime access to 30+ hours of instruction on travel hacking. Valued at over $1,360, this comprehensive bundle is an amazing value. Pay any amount to receive two courses, or beat the average price (currently under $13) to get them all.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Become a Digital Nomad: The Ultimate Travel Hack ($279 value)
  • Travel Hacking Mastery: Fly Around the World for Cheap ($297 value)
  • Chinese Made Easy: Understand 65% of Chinese in 10 Hours ($199 value)
  • Chinese Made Easy L2: Understand 79% of Chinese in 10 Hours ($199 value)
  • Start a Business and Travel the World in 30 Days ($197 value)
  • Learn to Speak: Conversational Spanish (Complete Edition) ($99 value)
  • Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced ($99 value)
  • Chinese Made Easy: An Exciting Start to Chinese (Free)

You’ll receive top-notch training on becoming location independent, including working a remote job, running a virtual business, and booking flights with rewards points. The icing on the cake? Access to premium courses on Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, must-know languages if you want to hit up Asia and Latin America. Since similar courses often run thousands of dollars (Rosetta Stone, anyone?), this bundle is an unquestionable steal.

Your globetrotting journey begins here, so what are you waiting for? Nab the World Travel Hacker Bundle at any price you’d like before time runs out.

Pay What You Want For 30+ Hours of Premium Travel Hacking Instruction

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