Play over 600 retro videos games with this preloaded console — under $50

A seismic event went down in the gaming world earlier this year. Back in June, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the 80s-era throwback console first reissued in 2016, actually outsold all other gaming systems for the month. And Nintendo’s $60 nostalgia trip not only thumped top-of-the-line competition like the Xbox One and PS4, but it also did it in only two days of sales.

Retro gaming is huge. But popular systems like the NES and SNES only come with a handful of pre-loaded games. Instead, grab this Retro Gaming Console from Neva Tech for only $49.99, an 83% discount off its retail price.

While the NES sports 30 games and its cousin, the SNES, holds 21 more, the Retro Gaming Console comes with an eye-popping barrage of over 600 classic remakes.

If you’re a Mario fan, you’ll be hip-deep with 25 different Mario-style games. Into Contra? There are nearly a dozen different remakes of Contra games.

With over 600 games, you can literally play a new game every day for nearly two years.

This entire history of gaming is packaged in an NES-inspired console that’s small enough to toss into a backpack or purse and take anywhere. All you need is a monitor and the included HDMI cable and controllers to be ready to play.

Finally, let’s consider the price. The NES retails for $59.99, while the SNES sells for $79.99…that is, if you can find them. While we’re no longer seeing eBay prices of $150 to $200 just to get your hands on one, tracking one of those consoles down at retail and finding it in stock still isn’t so simple.

By contrast, the Retro Gaming Console is just $49.99 at this huge limited time discount savings off its usual $299.99 price. Do the math…that’s less than 20 cents per game. Heck, it cost a quarter just to play Space Invaders once back in 1978. Now, you can own it for less than that.