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If you are a knowledge worker like myself, you live in Gmail. If you work in the technology space, this feeling of living inside Gmail is even more pronounced. I feel your pain!

I’m always amazed at people’s complete disregard for inbox organization and management. I just finished business school and most of my classmates had ZERO understanding of how to leverage Gmail’s built-in tools to save them a boatload of time.

Therefore, I have put together this little video of my 3 personal favorite Gmail features/labs/tricks:

1) Priority Inbox (with the 5 star system)

2) Apps Search

3) Canned Responses

Let’s briefly discuss what these bad boys do and how they can help you dominate.

Priority Inbox + 5 star system 

Give your inbox some structure by making it a priority inbox. This feature allows you to divide your inbox into different sections. Each section serves a different purpose. I combine the priority inbox with a 5 star system. Each star basically acts like a label. I star all my important StackSocial threads with a blue star. I only remove the star when this thread no longer requires action on my part.

Apps Search

This lab simply allows you to combine your email and Google docs into one search. This will save you time because now you can find important Google docs right from your gmail search.

Canned Responses 

We all have repetitive emails we do on a daily basis. Stop copy and pasting these templates into your email. Use canned responses to quickly drop in killer templates right into any email.

Check out this video to better understand and implement these time-saving tips:

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