StackSocial Deals of the Week Roundup – October 2nd Edition

Welcome, Stackers to the 5th installment of our weekly deal roundup post. Let’s do this!

BACtrack Mobile – The 1st Smartphone Breathalyzer 

Not only is this practical, but it’s fun too! Obviously this most importantly serves as tool to protect yourself and others from driving when over the legal limit. It’s also quite entertaining to pull out when indulging in adult beverages to see who might be having a little too much fun. It’s always a good time to see where you are at and it could potentially save you from a multi-thousand dollar DUI/DWI or even worse.

The Call of Duty Bundle

I’m not going to lie to you… I have never played Call of Duty. I hung up my controllers about 8 years ago. BUT. Who hasn’t heard of Call of Duty!? If you have always heard of it, but never gave it a chance, here is your shot to see what the craze is all about. Hell, I’m even gonna give it a go.

The Micro Drone

If you still have a little kid in you (I mean fun at heart, not pregnant, but I guess it works if you’re pregnant too!) then we have a toy for you. The Micro Drone is an innovative remote control flyer that can be a dangerously good time. It does require a little patience and practice, but once you get going, you will have tons of fun. We fly these around the office and try to play follow the leader; attempting to weave the drones through stairwells and crevices. Get creative with one of the most innovative toys in years.

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