StackSocial Deals of the Week Roundup – September 18th Edition

Welcome, Stackers to the third installment of our weekly deal roundup post. Let’s dive right in!

The iPhone 5/5s Tough Armor Bundle

Though the iPhone 5/5s is bad ass, it’s also the equivalent of walking around with a pricy laptop 24/7. This makes it prone to bumps, dings, drops, scratches, and other potential harms. The iPhone 5/5s Tough Armor Bundle puts all those worries to rest protecting your iPhone from head to toe. Other top protection cases are big, clunky, and unattractive. If you seriously want to protect your phone without sacrificing style, this is the the protection pack for you.

The GripGo Universal Car Mount

Personally, I have never owned a car mount for my phone. This is simply because they cost so much dang money. I didn’t even think I was missing out on much until I went on a road trip with my buddy who had a fancy mount.

I’m sold.

I’m shocked I went so long without one considering I live in California where hands free isn’t a convenience, but a law. The GripGo is the perfect resolution. It’s sturdy, easily adjustable, and doesn’t block any of the side buttons like most mounts. Most importantly, the price is unbeatable! For only $14 including international shipping, you can’t go wrong.

The Revolutionary Touchfire Keyboard For iPad

iPads are awesome. Their 3rd party keyboards are not. The whole point of having a tablet is convenience. If consumers wanted a screen with a keyboard below, they would (or at least should) opt for a laptop. The Touchfire Keyboard is be ultimate solution for iPad typing. It fits right over the screen, makes typing without looking a breeze, is quickly removable, and fits inside almost all cases. If you have gone, or are going to go the iPad rout, this is the king of all iPad keyboards.

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