Mac Bundles: What is the perfect mac app bundle?

If you could build the perfect Mac bundle, what would it look like? Our job at StackSocial is to bring you the best Mac app bundles in the world; therefore we want your help to figure out what the world wants. In order to get your creative juices flowing, here is my perfect mac bundle.

Warning: I love startups and entrepreneurship so my picks will be biased by my own passions.image

1. Keynote

Keynote was originally developed by Steve Jobs and Apple to assist him with his legendary keynote addresses. But the app has evolved into much more than presentation software. My favorite use case with Keynote is user interface mockups. As a non-technical person (read meathead) Keynote helps me articulate my ideas to devs/designers. I developed an iPhone app and the first step was to mockup every screen and make the whole “prototype” clickable. StackSocial currently has a freebie video course I made about Keynote. Check out Keynote for Startups in our Freebie section. For me personally no mac bundle would be complete without Keynote.

2. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is the best screen recording software on the planet in my opinion. If you are an online wanna-be entrepreneur one of the best places to start is creating video courses. Sites like Udemy and Learnable now allow any individual with a skill and ScreenFlow to create paid video courses. I get around $10 a month from Udemy and really have not created a video for their platform for 6 months. Every dollar counts always remember that 🙂

3. TextExpander

This app literally blew my mind when I started using it. I now have 50+ spinnets saved in TextExpander. For example when I type “EMAIL” my StackSocial email pops out. If I type “GAMER” the URL for our first gamer bundle pops out: Its challenging to explain so we grabbed a video off YouTube to assist in the explanation.

4. Parallels

A mac software bundle needs the ability to leverage PC apps right? Of course it does! Parallels is the industry leading software that allows you to transform your PC into a mac. Why the heck would you want to do that? Well most people are not as cool as the Stack fans and they use PCs. People even create software for PCs and if you are in a work/school context that requires using PC software usually you are just out of luck. With Parallels you can use almost any software on the planet all on your trusty mac book air.

5. CrazyTalk7

As you can tell I love making videos with cool mac software like ScreenFlow. Well CrazyTalk is a kickass mac app that allows you to make your own lifelike cartoon animations. My mac software bundle needs to have tools that will help me make money. I believe you could make quality animated videos for small businesses and make a little dough on the side.

Well that is my perfect mac bundle. Not sure if any mac bundles can beat mine 🙂

As always please check out all the sweet mac bundles StackSocial offers on a daily basis!

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